Is virgin coconut oil good for psoriasis?

Coconut oil and your skin

People all around the world believe in nature and the products it provides us with, to remedy many of our problems. And although not all of them direct us toward solutions, some of them do a pretty good job at making things better. Virgin coconut oil is no exception when it comes to treating psoriasis. Is virgin coconut oil good for psoriasis? The answer is yes as it not only helps with moisturizing dry skin and hair, but can also help keep the affected area soft and airy. The fatty and caprylic acids inside coconut oil help to keep the moisture locked and help the scales to loosen up. This can tremendously help with itchiness and irritation. It can also be used for scalp treatment. As virgin coconut oil is not treated with heat, it retains most of its germ-fighting ability and has many health benefits.

How does virgin coconut oil work on scales and patches?

Coconut oil has the ability to keep germs from growing. This is very important as it keeps psoriasis patches from getting infected. It also helps with easing redness and allows scales to breath, loosen up and fall without causing irritation. Itchiness is a major symptom of psoriasis, and it can cause a world of hurt when at its extreme. Virgin coconut oil helps keep the itchiness away by keeping the area moist. Itchiness is caused by dryness, and virgin coconut oil helps prevent that. The softness from the oil allows the medication you apply on the affected area, to reach the target and start treating it. This allows for a quick recovery. It is important to take in account that virgin coconut oil is equally as significant when consumed. It is important for you to consult your doctors before doing this as you might have allergies. Coconut oil boosts good cholesterol, good blood sugar and helps with diabetes. All of this accounts for a healthy immune system. Immune system is involved in psoriasis, and its healthy working is crucial.

How to use VCO on scales?

Keeping your body clean before starting is very important as you want to disinfect the area before applying. Take a half handful of VCO and apply it to the scaly part of the skin. Spread it evenly and make sure the oil reaches and settles into all the scales. As the oil seeps through, gently massage the skin so as to not irritate it while the oil loosen up the scales. Wrap the area of application is a towel and leave it for 30 to 60 minutes. After this is done, you can wash your hair with a shampoo prescribed by your dermatologist. After washing, it should be easy to remove some of the scales as they will be loose. It is very important to keep in mind that these scales can still get irritated so you have to be very gentle. Put a plastic comb against the scales flat, and slowly rub it in circles, not applying too much force. You will see the scales come off. You can now rinse the area with clean water and you skin will be scale free.


After going through how virgin coconut oil helps with psoriasis, we can safely say that VCO is good for treating psoriasis. Although it is still very important to consult with your doctor before trying it. And that goes for anything you might think may help. Psoriasis is a very irritating condition of the skin that many people around the globe deal with. It can be very unpleasant hence it is important to treat it in the best of ways possible. Virgin coconut oil happens to be one of them.

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