Good hand cream for psoriasis

Can psoriasis spread to my hands?

Psoriasis can spread to your hands. It is a common occurring and hence hand creams do help a lot with the condition. Good hand creams for psoriasis are indeed available, and are recommended by doctors and dermatologists all over the globe. Skin care is very important and getting into a routine with it is even more crucial. Hands are a very delicate area for this condition, provided we need our hands for most to all of our daily tasks. And so the scaly patches of the hand can get irritated rather easily. Psoriasis can easily spread to hands and cause some major inconvenience. Hence, it is important to care of them by putting on a good hand cream. One that helps alleviate itchiness, and smoothens out the affected area and helps with healing it. Hand creams have all sorts of ingredients which play a vital role in helping with psoriasis of hands.

Emollients for psoriasis

Daily skin care is very important and although prescribed skin care lotions and creams may be the best route to go, over the counter creams can also help treat low to mild psoriasis of the hand. Many creams and lotions are available on the market that can help reduce itchiness, alleviate the severity of the symptoms and help remove scales to soften and smoothen the skin. They help remove the layer of accumulated dead skin cells and allow the ingredients inside, and other prescribed and applied ointments, to treat the affected area. Alongside this, creams also help form a barrier of oil, and in the meantime allow the skin to rehydrate which is very important for revival. However, it is very important to know that not all creams will work on the hand, and some may also exacerbate the symptoms even more. Consultation with the doctor is key.

Important ingredients to look for, in hand creams

Certain ingredients are known to help with psoriasis and lower the effects of it. These ingredients are salicylic acid which helps with the peeling of dead skin cells off of the skin, and coal tar which helps with slowing down rapid skin growth, and help with improving skin appearance and reduced itchiness. There are some other ingredients as well that are more toward the natural side and have no research to back them up, but are still known to help with the condition. And these are aloe vera, jojoba, zinc pyrithione, capsaicin and glycerin. It is also important to not use creams that have steroids as they can irritate the skin further. Consultation with your dermatologist is also very important as over use of these ingredients can cause patches to roughen up and hurt.


So far, we can see that hand creams do help a lot with treating psoriasis of the hand. They help reduce itchiness, and help hydrate and heal the skin. They remove dead skin cells and allow the hands to be soft. Some of the good brand names you can look for are Aveeno Anti-itch hand lotion, CeraVe moisturizing cream and Cetaphil moisturizing hand lotion. Help your hands as they are arguably the most important body part for everyday chores.


Use products after consultation with your dermatologist


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