Therapy that helps psoriasis

Let’s Seriously Talk About Your Psoriasis

The benefits of therapy with psoriasis:


Your self-esteem and confidence levels can rise causing your skin condition to fade


Ability to work on other aspects of your lifestyle, including habits, diet and weight loss that all lead to psoriasis prevention.


A refined and developed a programme of recovery that sees a benefit for all my clients suffering with Psoriasis.


Learn effective techniques to improve and manage Psoriasis consisting of stress levels, lifestyle and diet.

A continuing and vicious cycle. Stress caused Psoriasis and the Psoriasis caused more stress

A long time ago a client came to me with anxiety issues who also suffered from Psoriasis, quite badly actually.

Working with my client I discovered that her Psoriasis was directly linked to her levels of stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the more she was stressed the worse her outbreaks and incidences, flare ups actually, became, which in turn caused her more stress…

It was a continuing and vicious cycle. Stress caused Psoriasis and the Psoriasis caused more stress, which in turn made her Psoriasis worse. It was a lose-lose situation.

Working with her, we successfully reversed that. We changed the thinking around her condition using CBT techniques. We made a win-win situation. Her Psoriasis got better and so did her anxiety. Her stress levels just fell away and with it, her skin in time improved dramatically.

We offer a tailored workshop program or one-to-one mind coaching sessions that will add enormous value not only to the welfare of your staff to avoid work related stress, but also to your bottom line. Priceless? We think so

Booking a video call with me we will establish a quick and inexpensive, solution focused program, usually just five sessions is all it takes. 

If you don’t want to arrange a video appointment just yet, get in touch using the contact form below

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