CBT For Panic Attacks

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Seeking panic attack treatment

Many medical agencies and mental health charities advocate therapy to gain skills to help with panic attacks, but sometimes, talking therapy isn’t enough. A more significant change in the neurological pathways might need to be utilised. A panic attack creates a certain response in the brain; if another attack comes along, the brain has an immediate response to make, creating a cycle of mental reactions that can be detrimental to the brain and the body.

Hypnotherapy and CBT is quickly becoming a popular option for helping to control or cope with panic attacks. In some cases, people find that simple techniques like breathing into a paper bag, using breath control, or simply allowing the attack to happen, work best. But for other people, the attacks are so severe they prefer to try Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to completely eradicate the problem. CBT can help clients to understand the reason behind their attacks, and try and regain some control.

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