Relapse Prevention

Let’s Seriously Talk About Never Relapsing Again

Our sessions will cover the following:


We will talk about the 7 relapse triggers


Identify the causes and conditions making you relapse


Address the triggers & changing mindset


Building metal defenses mechanisms

As a Cognitive Therapist and a recovering alcoholic since September 1997, it is fair to say that I know a thing or two about addiction.

I can help you, just as I have helped many to find whatever it is within you that you have lost. Together we can rebuild you, better and stronger than ever before.

To work in the solution effectively you have to fully understand the problem. That is a blessing for them of course, I wouldn’t wish the pain of addiction on anyone but their help is of limited value as a result. This is why even many of the Gold standard treatment facilities have a failure rate north of 90 per cent! Very few of their clients will find lasting recovery. This is a sad but true statistical fact. It’s not one they publish in the brochure!

It is often said that stopping is the easy bit. It is staying stopped that is the real challenge. Many of us get sober time only to fall off beam, with disastrous consequences, coming back to our beginnings, beaten and broken once more. What we need then is a lasting solution that complements our recovery program, whatever that looks like.

The techniques and methods I have developed will tip the balance for you from failure to success enabling you to concentrate on the important task of rebuilding your life. I have developed these from my work as a professional specialising in anxiety and stress management and also my understanding and experience of a lasting recovery. They are techniques that address the seven core reasons why we relapse.

They really do work and they can work for you. I have many clients that previously could not manage more than a few days, weeks or months of sober time who are now many years clean and sober and enjoying all the benefits that brings.

If you would like a free of charge and totally without obligation, twenty minute initial consultation with me, via secure video link, please click on the button below and follow the simple instructions. There is an automated diary, choose a time that suits you and you will be sent a confirmation and a link, to follow, at the appointed time.


Find out how to stop the misery cycle.


Get the help to tip the scales from failure to success.


The opportunity to stop is now.


Totally effective techniques that work.


Book a confidential 20 minute consultation for free.


A personal recovery journey that rebuilds relations

Booking a video call with me we will establish a quick and inexpensive, solution focused program, usually just five sessions is all it takes. 

If you don’t want to arrange a video appointment just yet, get in touch using the contact form below

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