Corporate Workshops

Corporate workshops

Many companies forget their most valuable asset; their employees. Employers have a responsibility by law to ensure their employees are protected from work-related stress. Many days are lost through absence due to stress related conditions as well as poor performance being a significant factor in stress related difficulties. Employers can be found guilty too of failure to meet their statutory obligations and fines are unlimited.

We offer a tailored workshop program or one-to-one mind coaching sessions that will add enormous value not only to the welfare of your staff to avoid work related stress, but also to your bottom line. Priceless? We think so

Topics on the agenda

CBT for anxiety disorders can help to dramatically boost your confidence and your self worth.

It can also help to reduce those feelings of fear, and crippling worry that live alongside your anxiety.

CBT for anxiety helps to promote positive lifestyle changes.

You will gain control and be able to identify those triggers that cause anxiety.

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