Best treatment for psoriasis in hair

What is scalp psoriasis and what causes it?

Psoriasis, of almost all kinds, assumes form due to a compromised immune system; the skin cells demonstrate a rapid growth – within days as opposed to weeks – and the latter allows for successive cell growth by conveniently replacing the preformed cellular masses. Consequentially, scaly, itchy and painful scales, called plaques, materialize on the scalp, the symptoms of which range between a mild and severe acuity. Unfortunately, a precise treatment for psoriasis hasn’t been identified and individual responses to treatments vary highly, yet nonetheless, an array of treatments for psoriasis in the hair have been narrowed down successfully. Treatments which induce reactions over the entire body; systemic treatments, aren’t employed for scalp psoriasis specifically, but may be included if the condition is prevalent elsewhere on the body too, or if, the treatments being engaged previously remain ineffective.

Mild, moderate and severe psoriasis – Chemical targeting

The penetrating efficacy of the topical treatments may be facilitated via safe mitigation and elimination of the plaques. For the former, warm water soaking, and application of oils, lotions, ointments and creams to a moist scalp, will produce the desired results. For the latter, one may then proceed to utilize gentle strokes and rotary motions of a comb to extricate the skin lesions. Tar and salicylic products are the go to option for a mild psoriasis condition; such products are readily available and can procure quick revocation of the associated symptoms. Medical experts may also opt for injecting steroid compounds in the scalp to further boost the potency of the aforementioned remedial compounds. Progression of the disease into a more pronounced severity demands a more direct and characteristic approach – often interlacing multiple treatment options is recommended. Whist topical remedies include Anthralin, Dovonex, Taclonex and Tazorac, the systemic medication treatments embody names such as Methotrexate, Oral Retinoids, Cyclosporine, and Biologics.

Natural obliteration of scalp psoriasis

Potential reversal of psoriasis via natural restorative means is often limited to its mild and moderate categories; these remedies have been classified as safe and lucrative for expedient deterioration of scalp psoriasis.

Known for its magical skin-healing capacity, aloe vera, as a main ingredient in medicated creams, is often referred to patients with psoriasis. Regular application for at least a month is the prerequisite for attaining positive results. Apple cider vinegar, yet another fruitful remedy, is proactive in diminishing psoriasis based inflammation. One tablespoon of baking soda mixed into water makes a perfect concoction to address scalp psoriasis as well. Furthermore, messaging the hair with coconut or avocado oil half an hour prior to rinsing can be highly beneficial. Apart from these, salt or oatmeal incorporation into lukewarm water, to be used for gentle hair rinsing, can advantageously moderate psoriasis symptoms.

Scalp psoriasis and hair loss (What can be done to alleviate this effect).

Scalp psoriasis is often followed by hair loss; not necessarily due to the condition in question itself, but generally owes its occurrence to the prolonged abrasion of the hair follicles. Excessive rubbing, scratching, combing, or chemicals in treatment products have been declared as the culprits for the psoriasis coupled hair loss. To lessen this intensity of this misfortune, combing must be softly carried out, nails must be kept short so to ensure that the inevitable itching action doesn’t worsen the condition, medicated shampoos should be selected and must be routinely alternated with new ones, and the hair must be allowed to dry properly after every wash.


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