Does psoriasis go away with age?

Psoriasis and age

There are a lot of diseases that vanish with age. Some show up in our adolescence, and go away later in life. Some even show up for some time in childhood, and never show up again. Psoriasis, unfortunately, is not curable. Hence, to answer the questions; does psoriasis go away with age? It does not. Sure it can fluctuate and many people might be able to have clear skin for a long period of time, but it returns and stays with them for a lifetime.

Psoriasis is a disease of the skin. The immune system of the body starts to attack healthy cells inside, and thus results in rapid skin cell growth. Eventually, they develop into patches with dry scales on the skin. Itchiness and inflammation are also major symptoms of psoriasis. The main question everyone should be asking right now is how to age properly with psoriasis?

Adversities of psoriasis with age

With age, psoriasis can make you susceptible to some kinds of cancers like lymphoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. It can also affect your bones and make them hollow, light and weak. This brings up conditions like osteopenia and osteoporosis. Some people who grow and age with psoriasis, come across a condition called psoriasis arthritis, which affects their joints and renders body movements useless to some extent. This, along with scaly red patches of inflamed skin, can cause fatigue as well. Psoriasis also leads to sickness like headaches and nausea. It is important to try different ways to treat psoriasis as the age progresses.

Ways to deal with psoriasis and age:

When we think about psoriasis, we think of our skin and how we can find ways to treat it. What we must understand is that psoriasis requires you to maintain a proper internal balance in terms of health. You need to have a healthy lifestyle in order to age better with psoriasis. If you have a good relationship with your doctor or dermatologist, it can help you better as you are looked after by them. Since they know what kinds of psoriasis treatments you have been getting in the past, they know what would stop working with age, and what would work better instead.

Some medications can make psoriasis worse, and can also have an effect on your heart as well. This is because our body organs become more sensitive with age, to damage. And having a doctor who has a proper history of you, will be able to fight these issues better. Keeping yourself clean, exercising regularly, and staying healthy and clean can help reduce inflammation. Setting up a routine to follow is one of the best ways to deal with psoriasis at a later age.


As we can see, psoriasis cannot be stopped with age, but it can be treated with changing methods alongside age. This is a very interesting subject to dive into, and if you want to live a good life and deal with psoriasis at every stage, this is the best way for you to focus on doing that. Psoriasis can be treated and brought down to a crawl.

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