Can psoriasis cause fatigue?

How fatigue relates to psoriasis?

To fully understand whether psoriasis causes fatigue, it is crucial to know what fatigue is. Fatigue is defined as extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion, or illness. And since psoriasis is a form of illness, this answers the question of whether psoriasis can cause fatigue or not. Yes psoriasis can in fact cause fatigue. With fatigue brought into the mix, the symptoms of psoriasis can often go beyond tiredness, and into lack of energy with physical and mental exhaustion accompanying it. People with psoriasis experience fatigue all the time. And as many may think it is all psychological, it isn’t because fatigue is a major symptom of psoriasis. Many doctors also undermine this issue and do not give it much importance which becomes a cause for frustration among patients dealing with psoriasis. It is such an invisible symptom, but it surfaces in the form of weariness.

Difference between fatigue in psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis

Although fatigue is a symptom of psoriasis, it is most commonly found in patients facing psoriasis arthritis. And many might come to believe that fatigue is an early symptom for both the conditions and that is very true, but it catches on rather quickly and makes it very difficult for the victim to move around and go about their lives. It also adds to the scuffed skin patches and itching of scales on the skin that already comes with the disease. Inflammation of the skin and fatigue are linked with the release of powerful chemicals in our body. These include inflammatory proteins which increase stickiness among blood platelets, immune systems chemicals like interleukin 1 which helps the immune system perform its function, and last but not least proteins that bind with antibodies and circulate around the body in the bloodstream.

Things to do when facing fatigue in psoriasis:

Fatigue may be a major factor is psoriasis, but it can be remedied through some easy steps you can take. These include talking to a certified dermatologist and asking for fatigue related remedies, eating healthy and having a well-balanced diet, losing weight and shedding pounds if you are overweight, exercising everyday with gentle exercises, limiting the amount of alcohol consumed, de-stressing before going to bed and listening to relaxing music, sleeping in a dark, cool and quiet room, and conforming to a daily routine. All of these can help you lower and potentially alleviate stress and fatigue from your body.


It has been scientifically proved that psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis both have fatigue as a symptom. And although there happens to be little link between fatigue and severity of the disease, fatigue still exists and is a concern. Many doctors may rule it out as trivial but it can be very deliberating and affects daily function, massively. Overall, it is important to realize that fatigue is a real thing, and is one of the major outcomes of psoriasis. To treat it well and get rid of it, must be a concern to look after and cater.

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