Best treatment for psoriasis on body

General overview

Psoriasis has affected a lot of people globally, and it can become overbearing for someone having the condition. The rough skin is extremely irritating and the itch can cause major inconvenience. As far as treatments are concerned, there are many available and not all of them work. Our bodies are also very selective and might work for some of them and not for others. Some of these treatments include corticosteroids, which are the most used treatment to treat mild to moderate psoriasis. These can be taken in the form of a topical and help the skin to breath by removing the dead skin cells accumulated on top.

Topical treatments for psoriasis


Topical treatments are rubbed directly on the body, at the area of affected skin. This can bring temporary relief without an array of symptoms and side effects. Some of the best options in topical treatment are salicylic acid which helps in smoothing the skin by preventing accumulation of scales on the affected area, steroid-based creams which help in reducing inflammation, relieve itching and block the over production of skin cells which happens in psoriasis, calcipotriene containing topical that slows down rapid cell growth and alleviates symptoms, and finally coal tar and prescription retinoids that help with prevention of pimple like rashes and improve psoriasis by keeping the skin aerated, respectively. These are the topical treatments available for psoriasis on body.

Phototherapy of psoriasis:

Phototherapy is also a very fine way of treating psoriasis on body. It is just like sun bathing except you are inside a sunbed that radiated artificial UVA and UVB radiation. UV radiation can help with killing unwanted extra cells from the skin and removing them. This will cause itching to go away and symptoms to subside. PUVA is used rarely as it is very extreme and can cause skin cancer. However UVB is more readily available as it does not produce a harmful effect like UVA and helps clear skin and remove scales. Another technology is also available for on-body psoriasis treatment and it is called narrow band UVB therapy. This is slightly more advanced and better as it produces a more targeted UVB radiation, aimed at specific areas on the body. This increases the level of control on the area and is also less likely to cause cancer of the skin like PUVA.

Way to treat psoriasis at home:

What other place would you like to treat psoriasis more than at the comfort of your own home? And that is what most people look for. It provides a homely solution and makes it easy and convenient to treat the condition. Your first option is to take dietary supplements. Supplements like fish oil, vitamin D and milk thistle have been known to help with psoriasis. Prevention of dry skin can also help. This can be achieved by keeping it moisturized by lotions and petroleum jelly. Lastly, avoiding fragrances can help majorly because it’s not just about what to apply on the skin, but also about what to avoid from applying. Most perfumes and soaps have irritating chemicals than can cause severe itching on affected areas of the body.

All in all, it is concluded that lotions, and topical like creams and petroleum jelly can act as good on-body treatments for psoriasis. But phototherapy is also another way to treat a body under distress due to this condition.

It is important that you consult your doctor before trying any of the mentioned treatments


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