Best makeup for psoriasis sufferers

Psoriasis and makeup

Right off the start, let’s make it clear that makeup is not the best option for you when it comes to psoriasis. Psoriasis is a condition of the skin which results in patches with scales on them. They can get dry and cause intense itchiness.

Inflammation is also a very common symptom of psoriasis. Makeup cannot be applied on psoriasis unless it has the right ingredients and is applied on scales and patches that are not open. There are makeups available on the market that can be used by people suffering from the disease. To find the best makeup for psoriasis sufferers, is something to consider. We will look at tips to put makeup on with psoriasis, and will also examine what makeup brands are the best to go for. Psoriasis is a sensitive condition, and can cause flare ups to happen on the entire body if not handled with care.


Tips on applying makeup for psoriasis patients:

Step 1:

It is important to prepare the surface of the skin before makeup can be applied. This is because the skin is usually uneven due to the scales and patches. This can be achieved by applying a good moisturizer that hydrates the skin, makes it soft and even for makeup to be applied.

Step 2:

It is crucial that you pick your formula carefully. Some of the ingredients used in makeup products can worsen the condition. As to what these ingredients are, will be discussed shortly. Once you find the best foundation, you have to apply it gently and softly. This is important to avoid rough skin.

Step 3:

Pay attention to the pigment ratio in your makeup. It means the amount of coverage you can get for the amount of makeup you apply. And you need to have the highest amount of coverage with the least amount of product applied. This is important so that the skin has the deal with as little makeup as possible.

Step 4:

Finally, be ready for trial and error. You will find out that many makeup products just do not work well with your skin. But through trial and error, you will be able to finally settle upon a better one.

Ingredients to avoid:

Parabens are preservatives found in almost everything from soaps to lotions to makeup products. They are known to cause hormonal imbalance which leads to psoriasis flare ups. Next we have artificial fragrance and perfumes that are known to be carcinogenic. Cancer is related to rapid cell growth which is bad for psoriasis patients. Toluene is a chemical commonly found in nail polish, and can be very toxic for the immune system. As psoriasis is a disease related to the immune system, it can be harmful to extreme levels. These are some of the ingredients to avoid when selecting makeup for psoriasis patients.

Makeup products safe to use:

There are a lot of good products that are safe to use in psoriasis. These are Manuka Doctor APIClear facial peel which is an exfoliating facial product that can help remove scales from the face. We also have Kiehl’s ultra-facial oil that has essential oils to help reduce redness and inflammation in psoriasis of the face. MAC studio fix fluid is also safe to use in the makeup world for psoriasis patients. This foundation is oil free and hence is the best option for you to cover your scars and patches.


From what we have seen so far, there are ingredients that we need to avoid at all costs when it comes to makeup for psoriasis. But there are products designed specifically for patients who deal with this problem and fight it on a daily basis. You can always find a product that works best for you. Psoriasis is just a disease, and you can control it.

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